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Runcam Nano 3 - V2 14mm Adapters

Runcam Nano 3 - V2 14mm Adapters


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Runcam Nano 3 - V2 14mm adapters

We've updated our Runcam Nano 3 14mm adapters. The V2 has a better, more snug fit to the backs of the Nano 3. The new V2 adapters will ship in a Black color.


  • 2x Runcam Nano 3 adapters (With or without screws included) with screw option will include 2 screws per mount. 
  • Color: Black


  • Requires a small Philips head screwdriver 
  • Remove the Runcam protective sticker from the rear if the camera. 
  • Insert the tiny screws from the front of the camera, through to the rear of the camera into the adapter. Screws self tap into the rubber like mount. Be sure not to over tighten. The V2 Mount should sit flat, and even on both sides, as shown in photos. 

IF sourcing your own screws:

  • Requires two m1.2/m1.3mm screws (4-6mm in length). 
  • Brushless whoop motor mounting screws used on 060x 070x 080x are usually m1.2/m1.3mm's, and will work wonderfully)


When using your own sourced screws, be cautious of screws with larger heads, as they can smash down onto the surrounding resistors, damaging them. Slowly screw down the screws if you need to check. 

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