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Guppy V3


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At long last! Many weeks, and design changes later, we finally have the Guppy V3, you've all be asking about! 

Updated front and rear mounts to allow for a 19mm space from top and bottom plates, instead of the original 17mm's. More room for electronics! All of this was due to feedback! Thank you!! 


The Guppy is the OG first ever frame I put out, way back when, and has been the cause of the frames, and designs ever since. The V3 is basically an updated, modern, by request version. Tiny, lite-weight, and adorable! The tiny dead cat layout makes for a one of a kind flying experience. I've designed the GV3 for most modern 16x16 stacks, and would recommend 070X-080X (modern) sized motors, with the Runcam Nano 2, betafpv MO1. However, most current nano cameras should fit. Keeping weight as low as possible will make this a nimble flyer.  Enjoy! 



  • 69mm motor to motor
  • 2mm main lower frame chamfered
  • 1mm top plate
  • 9x9 and 6.6 motor pattern support. 
  • 40mm propeller support
  • Baby aluminum standoffs
  • Lite-weight and durable 3D mounts with color options
  • Additional add-ons will be available down the road. 
  • Pair the Guppy V3, with recommended HQ 1.6x1.6x4 40mm props, available here>>
  • Antenna tubes sold separately*



  • 2mm Main lower frame
  • 1mm Top plate
  • Camera mount
  • Rear antenna mount
  • Standoffs
  • Hardware
  • Battery bands
  • Lite battery pad

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Strong flier on 2S 0802
An Absolute Nano Masterpiece!

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