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Meemo v2

Meemo v2


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Meemo v2

The new Meemo v2 is 85mm m2m, has a prop range of 2 inches, and a frame weight of only 11 grams!
We updated the frame to support the FC from 4 points instead of the previous 2 points which caused some limitations on FC options. The new 4 points mountings option secures the FC in place with 4 screws, self tapping into the carbon, allowing for less hardware/less weight. 


  • 2mm high quality 3k carbon.
  • Impact friendly canopy
  • 20-50 degree camera angle support
  • Support for 14x14 Nano sized cameras
  • lite-weight battery pad
  • "Hybrid" arm design, supports 9mm and 6.6mm (3hole) motors
  • NEW Lightweight 4 point FC mounting design. No nuts required. Screws self tap into the carbon from the top down, securing the FC in place. 



  • Meemo v2 frame
  • Primo Pod Lite (YELLOW) Yellow pods will be paired with these kits. 
  • Battery pad
  • Hardware

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