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Primo 3

Primo 3


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Primo 3

 (Kits have been updated. Updated pictures will be listed shortly) 


The Primo 3 is the 3 inch evolution of the original Primo. Spinning the included HQ T3x2 props, the power to efficiency ratio is brilliant. Top that off with a stout 2.5mm unibody frame, a light weight battery strap and battery pad for sideway battery mounting! This may very well be the perfect UltralitePlus frame for that Track or Bando rip.




  • Primo 3 (Rev 2) UltralightPlus 3K carbon fiber frame
  • Liteweight battery strap
  • Liteweight battery pad
  • Updated P3 Jelly Mount (More component room)
  • Updated Axii Micro / Whip antenna compatible canopy
  • Set of zip ties (To secure motor leads, and optional Whip antenna to canopy)
  • Hardware
  • Forever Tubes 
  • HQ T3x2 props (Smoke)
  • Canopy and Jelly Mount Color: Teal 



  • Thickness: 2.5mm chamfered 3K carbon fiber
  • Mounting pattern: 9mm "4" hole motor mount layout. (NO LONGER SUPPORTS 6.6mm MOUNTING) photos will be updated shortly with current frame. 
  • Large E clip opening in carbon to support a wider variety of motors (Adapters no longer required)
  • Liteweight battery strap (View photos for battery strap layout) designed for sideways battery mounting "Toilet Tank".
  • Preinstalled liteweight battery pad
  • Forever tubes to keep your RX antennas in check.
  • AUW: 15 grams Dry (With included battery strap and forever tubes)
  • Highly effecient HQ T3x2 bi-blade props
  • Highly durable canopy. Supporting the latest nano camera options available. Runcam Racer Nano, Runcam Nano 2, Caddx EOS2 Caddx Kangaroo and more. All 14x14mm cameras are a direct fit. No camera adapters required. 



Primo's were designed to be built with Light/Small RX/VTX components. We did this to keep the weight and profile down as much as possible, to give what we believe to be a GREAT flying experience! Below we have compiled a small list of small RX and VTX components, as well as nano 14x14mmm cameras that we recommend for the build. No spacers needed if you stick to small components. :D


Recommended electronics


  • GEPRC 12a Whoop AIO
  • BetaFPV 12a/20a Whoop AIO 
  • NamelessRC Whoop AIO
  • Pyrodrone Whoop AIO
  • (Standard Whoop FC Type. USB facing down for best fit) 


  • XM
  • RXSR (Plug removed for best fit)
  • Fullspeed Nano ( Frsky, Dsmx, Flysky)
  • Crazybee F4 V2.0/3.0 (Built in RX)


  • Eachine Nano VTX
  • Nameless Nano VTX
  • TBS Nano
  • iflight Whoop vtx ( FC/Whoop Combo stack)
  • Happymodel Whoop VTX (With our spacer or one of similar slim profile)


  • Runcam Nano 2 
  • Runcam Racer Nano
  • Caddx eos2
  • Caddx Kangaroo 
  • Foxeer Predator Nano

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Primo 3

As expected from GnarlyFPV very nice frame and super fast post.


High quality, great attention to details, full range of accessories. Highly recommended!

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