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  • Zero Pod
  • Frame (40mm or 31mm option)
  • Mounting hardware
  • Motor mounting hardware
  • x2 Battery bands


  • The Zero was designed as a conversion kit for the the Emax Nano Hawk. However, most other components can be retrofitted. Aim for an AIO that is lite and similar in design as the Emax 1s AIO board.
  • NOTE: We supply hardware for the motors, and the FC to the Pod. However, you will need to carry over the Runcam nano 3 screws that mount to the Nano Hawks Pod. (Two little M1.2 screws) Alternatively, you can mount the camera with a dab of glue. 
  • Dry kit weight: 31mm_5.8grams / 40mm_7.2grams
  • Size: 40mm props / 71mm motor to motor
  • Size: 31mm props / 63mm motor to motor
  • Motor layout: Emax 6.6mm 2 hole and 6.6mm 3 hole!
  • Carbon: 1.5mm and 2mm 3k carbon W/ countersunk mounting holes
  • Simple yet effective battery mounting rubber bands
  • Motor mounting hardware included because sourcing your own sucks! 
  • A uniquely designed Pod that implements an FC mount into itself, reducing unnecessary hardware, hardware size, and overall weight. When it comes to micros of this size, EVERY half a gram counts. 


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