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Guppy XLX

Guppy XLX


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A new 2.5" Freestyle Guppy !! Taking the new GV3, we designed a stout unibody freestyle base that is more geared towards freestyle. The new Guppy XLX is a true X design. Add the Guppy XLX full kit to complete your Guppy collection !!

 Coming Soon


  • Guppy XLX - Unibody X style base frame 
  • Top plate
  • Standoffs
  • Camera mount
  • Rear antenna mount
  • Battery pad
  • Frame assembly hardware


  • 2.5mm Unibody base frame
  • 1.5mm Top Plate
  • Aluminum standoffs
  • Steel hardware
  • Stylish camera and antenna mounts
  • Supports up to 2.5" props
  • 16x16 Stack compatible only


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