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Gnarlyfpv Meemo


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Meemo! The Mini Primo! 

The new Meemo is 85mm m2m, has a prop range of 2 inches, and a frame weight of only 11 grams!
We updated the canopy for this smaller kit to better suit the newer / smaller components that are now on the market. With that update, we've moved away from TPU on this one. This update/change results in a high quality, high impact, low vibration, rigid Canopy/FC mount combo.


  • 2mm high quality, chamfered carbon
  • All new high impact rigid canopy, and FC Mount
  • 20-50 degree camera angle support
  • Support for 14x14 Nano sized cameras (Nano 3 mount available soon)
  • lite-weight battery pad, (pre-installed) 
  • lite-weight mini battery strap
  • "Hybrid" arm design, supports 9mm,8.8mm(4hole) and 6.6mm (3hole) motors
  • Slim arm profile to reduce drag, and enable better prop flow.



  • Meemo carbon frame
  • HQ T2x2x4 props
  • Jelly mount (Super Blue)
  • Canopy (Super Blue)
  • Lite-weight battery strap
  • Lite-weight battery pad
  • Hardware

Customer Reviews

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Great little quad. Wish it had a twist in 3d printed battery holder.

It looks like a nice product, BUT..

The product looks nice in the photo, But I don't even have it yet, and wont for another 4 days. They really should work on their shipping and/or communication. Order confirmation on 2/11/2020, Tracking number provided on 2/13/2020, USPS is in possession of item on 2/17/2020. Everything was in stock at time of order. No communication from seller. The products are nice, don't get me wrong. REALLY nice carbon, absolutely perfect tpu prints, very clean products, But the lazy shipping means I'll check other suppliers first from now on.

My 4th Gnarly frame build...

Ok, I admit it ... I’m addicted to building all quads from 5” to 31mm whoops and everything in between. I fly a lot as well, although my pilot skills aren’t as good as my building skills, yet. I happened to stop off at GnarlyFPV, as I tend to do when I make my rounds of the usual suspect “suppliers” as I get close to the finish of my latest build. I don’t know if this model is a newer release or that I just missed it? Anyway the “Meemo” caught my eye, as well as the SICK looking replacement color canopies Gnarly has now. So, I had to add a “Meemo” and a canopy to my cart. Neon Yellow on Black just always looks fast!! My fpv friends often ask, “Dude? Wassup? Do you have some kinda deal with GnarlyFPV?” I always answer,
YES I DO! The deal is, GnarlyFPV keeps making killer $+%# and I keep buying it!! I have yet to be disappointed. Keep up the awesome work GnarlyFPV!!🦈

Awesome kit!

Just completed my build and she looks good! I love the new material used for the canopy. Rock solid design and soooo nice to look at.


Everything aims to be ok

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