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Primo Switch

Primo Switch


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A lightweight, switch design.
The Primo Switch is strong in all the right places. We beefed up everywhere that would take most of the stress during an impact, and shaved weight everywhere else. Allowing the Primo Switch to be durable, yet extremely lightweight to give it that Ultralite/Toothpick feel. We hope you like this one!




  • 3" -  4" Arm options
  • Easy single screw arm swaps
  • 4 point Toothpick FC mounting
  • lightweight pressnuts, and minimal hardware.
  • Motor screws! Yes, we are including motor screws to correspond with the thickness of each arm type. 
  • The well known, and favored Primo Pod! Single Pod design, and FREE to download!


  • Primo Pod  x1
  • Arms (Choose size)  x4
  • Top and Bottom sandwich plates
  • Press nuts (pre installed)
  • Arm hardware M2x7  x6
  • Stack screws M2x11  x4
  • Stack nuts M2 Steel  x4
  • Camera mounting screws M2x4  x2
  • Motor mounting screws x8 (length depends on arm choice)
  • Battery Pad  x1
  • Motor wire tape

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