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Foxeer Predator 4 Nano (Turquoise)

Foxeer Predator 4 Nano (Turquoise)


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Foxeer just jumped into the nano game, with the Predator 4 Nano!

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  • Predator 4 Nano Camera (1.8mm lens)
  • 1x Bracket
  • 1x Servo cable
  • 1x 2pin OSD cable
  • 1x OSD board
  • 1x Manual
  • 4x (M2x6) Bracket screws
  • 4x (M2x4) Screws
  • 4x Washers


Customer Reviews

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Sexy, bulky, tough, expensive, good in low light

I had to stop buying the Caddx Kangaroo when 1 out of 5 failed, osd displaying "do not copy," in top left corner. Caddx has iced me, and the dealer I purchased through on the support request, so I am back to buying these pricey, pretty units. Image is fine enough, though i could likely tune it more. They are larger than other nano cameras though, and i usually have to mod my my tighter builds (most recently an i-flight TurboBee 136RS V2,) to accommodate. Gently pry off the plastic connector housing, slipping it evenly off the pins to buy an extra couple mm or so of rear clearance. Concerning the image, i am really banking on the new lenses Foxeer is releasing to make these cameras shine. Impatient with lack of stock locally, I ordered 4 today, express shipping, right from Foxeer. Hopefully they will then deliver an image as pretty as the housing. Colorful, glossy, hard candy looking shell, and beefy lensez, look great, but also pushing the limits of the camera protection on most 3"or less frames. This has allowed me to test (unintentionally,) their durability, and let me say, i gave one of these cams an absolute bomb of a knocking, in high speed powerline incident back behind the house,
somehow slingshotting my bird way faster than free fall, straight to a camera first, sandstone splat, ending with a slow flop to props up. Full on dent in the lense rim thatd be hard to duplicate even with a hammer. Of course, I couldnt see the dent until shaking it off in my goggles, and flying the Kabab TP3 (modular,) back to home point without so much as limp. Note: I could see the powerline perfectly clear, but was rather new to acro mode at the time. Anyway, I truly believe it's the only nano size cam that could that big a knock. Prob would have needed a dust pan to get all of Kangaroo back home. Hard for me to argue that that alone doesnt justify the price. Def gettin what you pay for here, in looks, and durability. Hopefully the $8.99 lense upgrade rounds out the "picture."

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