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Primo 3

Primo 3


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The Primo 3 is the 3 inch evolution of the original Primo. Spinning the included HQ T3x2 props, the power to efficiency ratio becomes brilliant. Pair that with the stout 2.5mm unibody frame, light weight battery strap, and battery pad for traditional and toilet tank battery mounting, you'll have yourself a TOP UltralitePlus contender. "Ultralites, the new breed"


NOTE: Primo 3 kits have been updated to a Single Pod design. V1 Jellymounts or Brass inserts are no longer used/required. Updated kit layout is similar to that of the Primo Opto line. 


  • Primo 3 frame
  • Liteweight battery strap (Battery straps are currently out of stock, and will not be included with this batch. We will be including a set of compatible props in place. Battery straps will be available on the next batch of Primos. Send us an email if you have any questions.  
  • Liteweight battery pad
  • Jelly Mount LITE
  • Primo Pod
  • Motor wire tape (to secure wires to frame)
  • Antenna tubes
  • Hardware 



  • Thickness: 2.5mm chamfered 3K carbon fiber
  • Mounting pattern: 9mm "4" hole motor mount layout. 
  • Large E clip opening in carbon to support a wider variety of motors.
  • Liteweight battery strap (View photos for battery strap layout) designed for sideways battery mounting "Toilet Tank" and standard.
  • Liteweight battery pad
  • Forever tubes to keep your RX antennas in check.
  • AUW: 15 grams Dry (With included battery strap and forever tubes)
  • Highly durable canopy. Supporting the latest nano camera options available. Runcam Racer Nano, Runcam Nano 2, Caddx EOS2 Caddx Kangaroo and more. All 14x14mm cameras are a direct fit. No camera adapters required. 
  • Updated Jelly Mount LIte
  • Updated Single pod design. 



Primo's were designed to be built with Light/Small RX/VTX components. We did this to keep the weight and profile down as much as possible, to give what we believe to be a GREAT flying experience! Below we have compiled a small list of small RX and VTX components, as well as nano 14x14mmm cameras that we recommend for the build. No spacers needed if you stick to small components. :D


Recommended electronics


  • GEPRC 12a Whoop AIO
  • BetaFPV 12a/20a Whoop AIO 
  • NamelessRC Whoop AIO
  • Pyrodrone Whoop AIO
  • Toothpick style AIO 
  • (Standard Whoop FC Type. USB facing down for best fit) 


  • XM
  • RXSR (Plug removed for best fit)
  • Fullspeed Nano ( Frsky, Dsmx, Flysky)
  • Crazybee F4 V2.0/3.0 (Built in RX)


  • Eachine Nano VTX
  • Nameless Nano VTX
  • TBS Nano
  • iflight Whoop vtx ( FC/Whoop Combo stack)
  • Happymodel Whoop VTX (With our spacer or one of similar slim profile)


  • Runcam Nano 2 
  • Runcam Racer Nano
  • Caddx eos2
  • Caddx Kangaroo 
  • Foxeer Predator Nano



Even though we Include a Primo Pod with this kit, we still wanted to offer the Pods as a free download, in case you want to experiment with different colors, or materials! You can never have too many color options! 

Customer Reviews

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Crazy good, crazy fun

Just transplanted my Primo 2 build into the Primo 3 and couldn't be happier. After almost a year of abuse the Primo 2 frame is still solid so I expect the Primo 3 to be just as durable. The redesigned canopy is an excellent upgrade and the new mounting system is very well thought out. Glad to see the Gnarly team constantly improving their products!

Excelent product

Nice frame

Love so Much.

Lightweight but strong, Innovative and sexy. What do you want more than that?

I love this frame so much I even made a canopy and a Vista mount for it.

Still waiting for it

Sorry for the 1 star, but I'm still waiting for it, once I got it I can change my mind. Please add DHL or something better that USPS, I live in Mexico and makes more sense to me to use DHL than USPS, since the deliver is much faster 3-5 days.

Just get this-RIGHT NOW.

Perfect frame. Fast shipping. Excellent service. Everything is packaged well and done very professionally. TPU print is impeccable, carbon fiber is strong, yet light. I wish they had space for a larger lipo strap, but that's probably just me. Just be sure to use a WHOOP board and not the new toothpick boards. I had a betafpv 12a toothpick board and had to cut part of the PCB to make it fit. Also, the Runcam Nano 3 adapters work perfectly with this. 11/10 would recommend.

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