RunCam Nano 2 / Racer-Nano Primo Canopy Adapter

RunCam Nano 2 / Racer-Nano Primo Canopy Adapter


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A RunCam Nano 2 & Racer Nano adapter, for the Primo canopy. 



  • Runcam Nano 2 / Racer-Nano Camera Adapter

NOTE: Camera not included



  • To install, carefully remove the sticker on the back of the Runcam racer nano (keep for the end of the install) 
  • Remove the two small screws located on the top and bottom corners of the camera. Be careful not to pull the board apart from the camera housing in the process. 
  • Place the Primo mount onto the back of the camera, lining up the two holes with the two holes of the camera. 
  • Screw the Primo mount to the camera using the two screws. Be sure NOT to over tighten. The screw heads should be SLIGHTLY recessed into the Primo mount, not flush. This will insure enough thread catches the cameras housing.
  • Finish by placing the sticker back onto the rear of the camera, on top of the new Primo mount.

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