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Sub Atomic

Sub Atomic


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Batch 3 available in 1-2 weeks.
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  • 76mm motor to motor
  • Dry weight: About 13.25 grams, including stack hardware.
  • Motor support: 6.6mm and 9mm
  • 40mm prop cap
  • Nano cam support 
  • Insta360GO compatible W/included mounts 
  • Additional FREE Insta360Go mounts (Scroll to the bottom ;)
  • Cineshot style DC frame
  • Slammed deck
  • Top mount for a little freestyle 
  • Bottom mount when running an Insta360Go
  • Native JHEMCU GHF13AIO 16x16 design, to allow for a clean, slammed deck, center of mass sweet spot build! Meaning, we designed the Sub Atomic around and for, the JHEMCU GHF13AIO. However, just add spacers if you want to run a traditional 16x16 stack. 
  • Aluminum Camera mounts - A Gnarlyfpv FIRST! ;)
  • Arm skids
  • Battery pad
  • HD camera base adapter 
  • Hybrid mini Immortal T mount & Single antenna mount
  • Countersunk screws
  • High quality 3k chamfered carbon
  • MOTOR SCREWS! Yes :) motor screws included to fit THIS frame. No more guess work. 




  • 1x Top plate
  • 1x Bottom plate
  • 1x Precut battery pad
  • 1x Camera adapter base
  • 1x Insta360 GO LITE camera ring
  • 1x Rear mount
  • 2x Aluminum camera mounts
  • 2x Rx antenna mounts
  • 4x Arm skids
  • 3x M2x6 Button screws (HD camera base/Ring screws) 
  • 6x M2x5 countersunk screws
  • 4x M2x10 Button stack screws
  • 5x M2 Steel nuts
  • 4x M2 Nylon nuts
  • 4x M2 Rubber dampeners
  • 12x M1.6 motor screws
  • 8x M2x4 Button motor screws
  • 2x M2x4 Button camera mounting screws



 There was a mix up on our end with the layout of the battery pads.. This resulted in the battery pads being cut mirrored to what they needed to be. The pads will still work as a battery pad! They just look a little goofy on the center cutouts! Your batteries will cover this anyway, if you top mount. ALSO, the stack screws we received were not countersunk like they needed to be! So stack screws will be button head until we can order the correct screw. SO, because of the upcoming Chinese Holiday, we will not be able to have this fixed until our supplier returns. The fix will come on the next batch. Sorry for the mix ups! 


Exploded view part placement:

FREE Downloadable: 

Sub Atomic insta360 GO Full cage fixed mount by Gnarlyfpv - Thingiverse

- Insta360 Go full cage adjustable angle mount - Coming soon

- Sub Atomic Insta360 Go Ring by Gnarlyfpv - Thingiverse

- Sub Atomic Insta360 Go Adjustable Base by Gnarlyfpv - Thingiverse



Recommended electronics+:

  • JHEMCU GHF13AIO 16x16 - Available here JHEMCU GHF13AIO – GnarlyFPV - Also available at other online retailers
  • 1102 Motors - 10,000kv - 13.500kv (2s)
  • Runcam Nano 4 / Runcam nano2 / Racer Nano
  • TBS Unify 32 Nano VTX
  • TBS Crossfire Nano 
  • GNB 27 connector
  • Whip antenna
  • 300-350mah 2-3S HV lipo (This size seems to be a sweet spot for performance)


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I don't have this yet.

OK, so I probably shouldn't be putting this in as a review since I don't even have one of these frames......YET! But this thing is absolutely frikkin' adorable! I mean, it kinda looks like a nano Armattan frame. I've loved every frame GnarlyFPV makes, have a few Primo's and they are awesome little frames.....quality stuff. I need one of these in my life!

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